The Advantage of Booking Rome Hotels Through TripAdvisor

Rome hotels Tripadvisor

If you want to reserve Rome Hotels through TripAdvisor, have a look at TripAdvisor UK (tripadvisor.co.uk) that will guide you in snapping up decent deals to this ancient Roman city. Based on traveller reviews and feedback, there are roughly 1,820 hotels and accommodations that were reviewed and ranked.

Convinced of the positive reviews of the hotel that you are eyeing? Simply check its availability using the buttons on the page. For an easy price comparison, tick the vendors that you would like to look at.

Try Booking (booking.com) that offers best deals on accommodations in Rome based on real time. For a 4-day stay from November 11 to 14, 2011, check in at the 4-star B H Hotel Fiume in a double room for £301 inclusive of breakfast.

Or, stay at the centrally located Artemide in Via Nazionale for £459 in a double room for 3 nights saving you 60% off regular prices.

Take advantage of the special offer on iQ Roma located in Via Firenze and book a 3-night Christmas holiday. They are running a promo from September 8, 2011 to February 9, 2012. You get 50% off their regular discounted rate. When you redeem the offer, you will be taken to the iQ Roma Hotel promo page (iqromahotel.it/en/promo_02.php). For lodgings from December 23 to 26, 2011, pay only £342 for a double room or £363 for a twin room. Buffet breakfast can be added at £8.70 per person per night.

Interested in staying at the 5-star Aleph A Boscolo Luxury Hotel on Via di San Basilio? On the same dates, book through Hotels (hotels.com) for only £460 per double room. The third night is free and each night costs £208.60 excluding breakfast. With an ideal location, take the small challenge to climb the Spanish Steps and explore nearby Villa Borghese. Go further and see the famous Trevi Fountain and the fabulous ruins of the Colosseum.

Get email price alerts from TripAdvisor by choosing a home base and a destination including a valid mail address. You can add as many notifications as you want or even register to become a member to submit valuable reviews of places you have been.

Why not take advantage of best value Rome hotels using TripAdvisor? With a large selection of accommodations that have credible guest ratings to choose from, you save on hotel stays that could pay for that 2-day city tour bus pass and a wonderful pizza at the Piazza Augusto Imperatore.

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