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The eternal city, the capital of the Roman Empire, the seat of the Catholic church, Rome is bursting with history, and also offers some of the most stylish shopping, and best pizzas, in the world. There are many reasons to visit this beautiful city, but what are the best ways to get there? Here are a selection of Rome flights from various UK airports.

Rome's largest airport is Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumcino. The airport is located 35km from the centre of Rome and handles over 36 million passengers every single year. Access to and from the airport is provided by Trenitalia's Leonardo Express train, whisking you to Rome in under 30 minutes.

You can fly to Fiumcino on Aer Lingus from Belfast, on Alitalia from London Heathrow, on British Airways from Heathrow and Gatwick, on Easyjet from Gatwick and Bristol, and finally, from Leeds/Bradford and Manchester on Jet2.

In terms of price, Jet2's Leeds/Bradford flights appear to be amongst the cheapest, starting at £19.99 one way including all taxes. Jet2's baggage allowance for this flight is 22kg, however, as with many budget airlines, there may be extra costs if you wish to check luggage into the hold. However, for full service airlines, BA remain a sound option, their flights from Heathrow to Fiumcino coming in at only £61 for a return trip.

Rome's secondary airport is Ciampino, located a mere 12km south of Rome itself. Access to and from the airport is by bus - typical travel times to the centre of Rome are around 40 minutes. Ciampino handles over 5 million passengers a year, and has recently seen a growth in passenger numbers due to budget airlines setting up regional hubs there. Ryanair in particular dominate the flight time-tables at Ciampino, and fly there from over six different UK airports, including Liverpool, Edinburgh and London Stansted.

Cheapest Rome flights on Ryanair to Ciampino range from £15.99 to £25.99 depending on the departure airport, however, this figure does not account for any taxes or optional charges, such as luggage or fast boarding.

Keep on eye on Rome flights, as timetables are liable to change, with new routes constantly being announced.

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