Looking to get a great deal on a Rome flight?

Rome Flight

Thinking of visiting the architectural splendour of Rome? This fantastic city is just crying out to be explored on a city break from the UK, and due to the sheer number of flights on the route, it likely won't cost you a fortune either. We are hear to help you out with getting a decent price on a Rome flight as we check out the sites offering the best deals in this blog.

Rome, also known as the eternal city, has been a destination for lovers, art lovers, and even food lovers for hundreds of years. By far the cheapest operator flying from the UK to Rome is Ryanair, and you can check out their full range of Italy flights on their site at www.ryanair.com. Ryanair are currently offering some ridiculous deals on their Rome flights, including fares from as low as £20 each way from any UK airport. Even after you take taxes and charges into account, this is still the cheapest fare we were able to find online.

If you are living in Leeds, Manchester, or Glasgow, then you have another option for snagging yourself a brilliantly low priced flight to Rome, and that option is to check out Jet2's dedicated Rome page at http://www.jet2.com/destinations/rome-flights.aspx. Jet2 fly daily from these airports to Rome, and they also allow you a full 22kg baggage allowance on their flights. The cheapest fare we could find from them was £80 return, so they are slightly more expensive than Ryanair, but you do get the baggage, which would likely bump the Ryanair price higher if taken into account.

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