The Perfect Romantic Weekend Breaks with Hot Tub

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Think endless time, no pressure or stress, just freedom, fresh air and rejuvenation - romantic breaks are one of life's greatest pleasures. It's a holiday with the person you love, that loves you enjoying all the fineries of this world together. Read these romatic weekend breaks with a hot tub to inspire you.

An absolute jewel in the crown of romatic breaks is the top class Park Hotel in Kenmare in southern Ireland. Run by two brothers, the hotel has more than earned its five star rating. Its old world wonder mixes with superb dining, a piano bar with amazing cocktails and the spa.

The Spa.

The Park's spa has won international awards and probably its most extravagant highlight is its outdoor infinity pool. This is a hot tub to rival all other hot tubs. As the fresh clean air of the forest breezes over your bare back you feel the warm bubbles of hundreds of jets massage every muscle and tendon of your body. The infinity pool is even more special yet as not more than two to four people can enter it at a time and when you do you have an hour to yourself to gaze out at the views of Kenmare bay.

Within the U.K. try Rhinefield House in Hampshire for some special romantic treatment that you're sure not to find anywhere else. As you enter the estate you are shadowed by great big tall Canadian redwoods that make up the country mansion's natural forest. You can get lost on the property and not set foot outside its gates till you have unwound to the fullest during your relaxing romantic stay.

At Rhinefield you can enjoy its hot tub as well as its phenomenal treatments like the Bamboo treatment or the Lava Shell massage. Both hotels' rates range from £135 to €200 per person and specials are always on offer. You're spoiled for choices of romantic weekend breaks with hot tub.

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