Planning a romantic trip to the Eiffel Tower

Few things can top a romantic trip to the Eiffel Tower with your partner, whether you want to celebrate a special moment or simply as a surprise escape. If you are planning such a romantic trip in the near future, here is some advice to make the most out of it.

Choosing a hotel

When you are planning a romantic trip to the Eiffel Tower, choosing the right hotel is perhaps the most difficult element. Whether you are looking for a luxury or budget hotel, the options are numerous, so you should choose carefully according to the facilities you would like to have and the distance from central Paris. Some of the hotels with a view over the Eiffel Tower include Hôtel Plaza Athénée, Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel, Les Jardins d’Eiffel and Splendid Hotel Tour Eiffel.

Choosing a restaurant

As with hotels, there are countless options for those who would like to have a romantic dinner with a view of the Eiffel Tower. Of course, you may consider the restaurant inside the Eiffel Tower itself, but if you want to look at the Tower while eating, there are quite a few restaurants to consider in the nearby area. Le Malakof is an ideal dining spot with a great view of the tower and casual attire. For a more sophisticated atmosphere, try Passiflore, a 1-star Michelin establishment on rue de Longchamp. If you are after a quick and cosy meal, Le Ptit Troquet has beautiful views of the Eiffel Tower and an exquisite traditional French menu.

Visiting the Eiffel Tower

A romantic trip to the Eiffel Tower cannot, of course, be complete without visiting the most famous landmark of Paris. The most romantic time to visit the tower is at night, as the views over Paris are incredible and you can actually see with your own eyes why the French capital is known as the “City of Lights”.

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