Where to Find Romantic Short Breaks in Scotland

Finding a romantic short break in Scotland does not have to prove to be difficult. Scotland is a beautiful country steeped in history and culture. Its natural beauty extends from its ancient castles to its picturesque lochs and you can find romance everywhere you look.

Holiday Websites

There are a number of holiday and short break websites dedicated to romantic short breaks in Scotland. Holiday-cottages.scotland.org.uk has a section specifically for romantic short breaks in Scotland's many quaint holiday cottages and you can choose cottages by size (i.e. how many they sleep) or by location or by price. Searching for a specific area where you want to conduct a romantic activity, e.g. a walk on a private beach, and then choosing a cottage close by is a good idea because then you can tune your holiday to locations where the stress of travelling is minimised.

Another thing to consider is booking one of the "ready made" romantic short breaks in Scotland. Using websites like Travelsupermarket.com will reveal a great number of short city breaks or longer lodge holidays on one of the many lochs that provide the perfect relaxed and romantic atmosphere.

House Swaps

Ever considered swapping houses with someone? House swapping gives you the opportunity to eradicate a lot of the costs associated with accommodation and leaves you only with travel fees. This is great if you are on a budget and allows you to get an insight into villages or towns that you might never have considered otherwise. Homelink.org is a good website for considering these types of holiday arrangements.


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