Romantic city breaks in Europe

There are many cities that are perfect for romantic city breaks in Europe. Paris, Prague, Bruge, Stockholm, Venice, Edinburgh and Amsterdam are all lovely places to go for a romantic city break - and there are many more.

Going away on a romantic break isn’t about going clubbing, getting drunk, waking up with a hangover, spending all day travelling, or fitting in as much sight seeing in as possible. It’s about spending quality time with your partner, leaving laptops and phones at home. It is a time when you can reconnect as a couple and forget all the troubles at work and at home.

Going somewhere relaxed is essential, so that you're able to spend time together and do things that you both enjoy. Stockholm is a great city to visit on a romantic break. Return flights over a weekend will be around £50 to £60 with Ryanair or Norwegian. There is much to do at Stockholm at your own pace: walk around the beautiful Gamla Stan and find lots of hidden gems. Take a boat tour of the city - it is a beautiful city and taking a boat tour is the best way to see it. Whether you like museums, good food, emerging yourself in the culture or relaxing, Stockholm is a wonderful place to visit - especially for a romantic break.

Paris is a city famed for being one of the worlds’ most romantic cities. It is a stunningly beautiful city. The Eiffel tower isn’t the prettiest landmark in the world but seeing it at night, all lit up with masses of people under it, is beautiful. Take a relaxed walk along the River Seine, taking in all the famous spots along the way, including the Eiffel tower, Notre Dame cathedral and the Louvre. Return flights over a weekend will set you back £70 to £80 with Easyjet or Air France.


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