Sites offering romantic breaks in the Lake District

Looking to rekindle your romance by taking a romantic break in the Lake District with your other half? There are few more inspirational places to holiday in the UK than in the Lake District, and in this blog we are going to take a look at the best places to find yourself romantic breaks in the Lake District for a decent price, so lets check them out.

The Lake District is often referred to as Britain's capital of inspiration and it is easy to see why as the rolling hills and lush green fields provide a beautiful backdrop for any sort of break, especially a romantic one! A number of sites have popped up offering these romantic breaks for you to check out, and the first one we suggest you have a look at is www.applebymanor.co.uk/.

Appleby Manor is a historic hotel in the Lake District that offers stunning luxury breaks at affordable prices. You can expect the full spa treatment in the Eden Valley, with full dining options available. It is a retreat from the nonsense of everyday life, and the perfect place for a couple to go and unwind together. We highly recommend checking it out.

Another great site to check out, and one that is dedicated to romantic breaks in the UK is www.roomforromance.com/. Room For Romance has a huge range of romantic break options online in the Lake District and they offer a comprehensive search engine that allows you to tailor your search to include different options like swimming pools and spa treatments. It is probably the best resource online for finding a romantic break in the Lake District.

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