Romania's got it going on

There’s Bucharest, a much maligned attempt at Berlin II, although the Green Hours club is a must for all things theatrical and weird. There’s Transylvania for the neck biters. But the real deal in Romania is the little known Timiçoara, (don’t forget the squiggly bit), where a heady bunch of students and arty types have really made a go at a cracking city, all washed down with £4 bottles of white wine. And that’s not to mention the extremely healthy couch surfing activity to be had.

Best time to head is spring and summer when festival season kicks off. There’s the three-day world music celebration Plai, www.plai.ro May's Timishort Film festival timishort.ro, July's Romany Art festival .iraf.ro, October's electro-fest TMBase tmbase.roand November's International Jazz festival timisoara-jazz.ro.

At which stage you should be ready to come home - or marry a gypsy and join the circus.

Wizz Air wizzair.com flies to Timi_oara three times weekly from London Luton.

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