Rocking Nights on a Dublin Holiday

From a former Viking settlement, Dublin is now the largest city in Ireland; it's located at the mouth of River Liffey, which divides the Irish capital into a north and south area. Voted as the friendliest city in Europe in 2007, travellers can’t go wrong with a Dublin holiday.

Just south of the Liffey, Dublin’s famous Temple Bar Area is the first place you should visit. Elbowing through the crowded nooks and crannies of the area’s narrow cobblestone streets will let you discover a haven of distinctive shops and trendy art galleries. You'll also find many Irish cultural institutions here, particularly the Irish Film Institute, Temple Bar Music Centre, Arthouse Multimedia Centre, as well as the Central Bank of Ireland and the Irish Stock Exchange.

At night, Temple Bar is a wild and rowdy place to be; just visit any of the nearby bars and pubs. Popular drinking holes are The Porterhouse, Turk’s Head, Temple Bar, Czech Inn, Quays Bar, Foggy Dew, Oliver St. John Gogarty, MEZZ, and Purty Kitchen. From Temple Bar, you can reach Dublin Castle, which is at the heart of the city and the home of Irish Viceroys. The Castle complex contains the Crypt Art Centre and the Chester Beatty Library; the magnificent domed atrium of the building is one of the truly beautiful spaces of the city. Dublin Castle and the 2 medieval cathedrals of St. Patrick and Christchurch are among the oldest buildings in the city.

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Popular rock bands and performers also have their roots in Dublin, and you can catch them playing anywhere in the city. Among them are U2, the Boomtown Rats, Thin Lizzy, and Boyzone.

A special day in Dublin is St. Patrick's Day on March 17, which commemorates the feast of Ireland’s patron saint, as well as all things Irish and green. You celebrate the holiday by wearing green, eating Irish or green food, and chugging Irish drinks like Guinness, Stout, Irish Whiskey, Irish coffee, Murphys, Beamish, Smithwicks, or Baileys Irish Cream.

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