Rock on in Norway.

Across Europe this year’s music festival season is getting underway, with concerts from Brussels to Bari. But as the beat hots up, if you like to keep cool, why not head for Oslo, where those in the know tell us that the live scene is third only to New York and London?

The Oya festival (www.oyafestivalen.com) will take place from the 9th-13th of August, in the Medieval Park, located in Gamlebyen, the oldest part of Oslo. There are also performances in bars such as Mono and Fisk & Vilt on Ploensgate and the Sentrum Scene and Rockerfeller.

Oslo’s compact centre is easy to walk around, and straddling a fjord, it makes a great setting for a weekend of music. Visit the 14th century Akershus Castle and Fortress, and of course a visit to the Munch Museum containing the Scream, is de rigueur.

Although the city has a reputation for being expensive, you can enjoy Oslo’s parks, its beaches and the changing of the guard for free. The Vigeland Museum, in the large Vigeland Park is also free and contains over 212 sculptures by Gustav Vigeland including the well known Sinnataggen, a baby boy stamping his foot in a temper.

Ryanair (www.ryanair.com) flies to Oslo Rygge from Liverpool, London, Newcastle and Dublin and to Oslo Torp from Liverpool, London, Dublin and Edinburgh. BA (www.ba.com) flies to Oslo International Airport from London Heathrow.

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