River Nile Cruises - You don't have to break the bank

River Nile Cruises offer guests the opportunity of a lifetime as they step aboard a luxury floating hotel which takes them on a journey of wonder and discovery to ancient Egypt’s finest monuments.

Nile cruises offer guests everything from cultural enrichment to opulent accommodation, fine dining and pure relaxation. So, if you are thinking about treating yourself to this spectacular experience, then check out some of these fantastic companies that offer Nile River Cruises:

  • Bales Worldwide, The Nostalgic Nile: Aswan-Luxor (Amber) 2011

    This fantastic cruise aims to re-capture the golden age of cruising. Guests are treated to exclusive journeys between the Luxor and Aswan waterways on-board delightful elegant wooden sailing ships which provide guests with the opportunity to experience the Nile in almost complete solitude. This seven night cruise includes scheduled direct flights, experienced English speaking tour guides, exquisite first class hotels, all meals and drinks included and all for the price of £1,495 with Bales Worldwide.

  • The Oberoi Zahra Luxury Nile Cruiser
  • This spectacular cruise is brought to you by Oberoi Hotels and Resorts and offers guests the very best hospitality and luxury accommodation. This is also the only Nile Cruise boat that benefits from a full-service spa. This wonderful cruise sails from Luxor to Aswan and provides guests with the chance to experience five thousand years of Egyptian culture. The boat is elegantly designed with 25 luxury cabins and two spectacular luxury suites with private terraces and indulgent Jacuzzis.

  • Presidential Nile Cruises

    This company runs a fleet of seven wonderful four star Nile Cruises, these are the Nile Legend, Nile Plaza, Nile Symphony, Nile Ritz and the Nile Princess. These cruises offer the very best luxury accommodation and guests can choose between flexible itineraries.

  • MS Magic Hotel

    This five star cruise offers guests the chance to experience the very best luxury accommodation in their fantastic cabins whilst enjoying the stunning views of Egypt. This spectacular cruise boat has everything you could ever want, including a plunge pool, sun deck, restaurant/bar and even a discotheque!

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