Looking for Riu Touareg Cape Verde?

The Cape Verde Islands is one of the most enthralling places on the earth and if you are planning a holiday this year and Cape Verde is one of your options, we would advise you to take a look below as we show you what it has to offer.

The first thing that is a postive about the Cape Verde is the climate - obviously a main draw when we are deciding what destination to go to, it has wonderful sun all year round and a winter break can be just as good as a summer one. Situated off West Africa the Cape Verde is made up of ten islands located in the Atlantic Ocean. Each island is dramatically different – from non-stop chalk white beaches and tropical greenery to desert like landscapes with soaring volcanoes.

You can travel to Sal to stay at the Santa Maria resort which will mesmerise you or to Boa Vista where deserted dunes lead the way inland to the cobbled streets of Sal Rei. To get more value for your money there are dozens of all inclusive deals at these tremendous resorts. Riu Touareg Cape Verde is one of the best and here's why.

The Hotel Riu Touareg is a five star resort situated directly on the beach and offers an amazing 24 hour all inclusive package. It is on the island of Boavista and it has a stunning five restaurants for you to choose from, with two fresh water swimming pools and three salt water swimming pools you will be spoilt for choice. Prices for this stunning resort start at £130 per night from riu.com so get booking.

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