Richest countries in Africa

Each of the 54 countries on the African continent are unique in their own way. Some though seem to be a long way ahead of others financially due to being blessed with natural minerals that are found there. Here is a list of the top 4 richest countries in Africa based on Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita.

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Botswana $17,101 GDP per capita

Thanks to diamond mining and the other natural resources, Botswana has grown to be one of Africa's wealthiest nations. Ever since attaining independence from England in 1966, until 1999 it had the highest average economic growth anywhere in the world. According to Transparency Internationals corruption perception Index, Botswana was ranked as being one of the countries with the least amount of corruption on the continent.

Gabon $20,612 GDP per capita

Located in Central Western Africa, Gabon has been extremely dependent on their large oil sector which could lead to major problems for the nation in the future. In addition to oil, natural gas, gold, diamonds and other in demand minerals are found there. Gabon also has the benefit of a vast Atlantic coastline, ecotourism, various rainforests and National Parks that are home to lowland Gorillas and forest elephants. All this is beneficial for expanding tourism and making the country less dependent on oil.

Equatorial Guinea $23,370 GDP per capita

Due to a small population and being one of the largest oil producers on the continent, Equatorial Guinea has a very high GDP. The economy and basic infrastructure are continuing to grow, but poor living conditions and corruption still run rampant across the nation. Transparency International lists this place in the top 12 of the most corrupt states meaning that a lot needs to be done to straighten things out.

Seychelles $25,229 GDP Per capita

Seychelles consists of 115 small island with only 92,000 inhabitants. The vast coastline that can be found here make for the ideal venue for fishing and shipments to arrive. With great beaches and hotels, the country boasts a thriving tourist industry and acts as a major boost for the economy.

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