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Rhodos airfare

Planning a trip to Rhodes Greece may be easier than you thought, especially if you know where to go for low priced tickets. Rhodos airfare seem to hit all-time lows at Easyjet.com, so let's do a search to get some quotes? The lowest fare available in October is on the 2nd, with departure from London Gatwick at 15:55, and arriving at Rhodes at 22:00. This ticket can be yours for £76.99, and the return ticket (at £123.54) from Rhodes to London Gatwick departures on the 6th of October at 21:45 and arrives at 23:55. So a trip to Rhodes and back could cost you as little as £200.53. Check the right hand side of the screen for the lowest departure and return rates for other months and if your travel dates are flexible you could really walk away with a bargain. In October, for example, an outbound ticket could cost you as little as £25.99.

Rhodos Air provides air travel at an executive level in and around Greece, and if you want to explore in style, this may be just the way to do it. The official site has a handy price list that will give you a good idea of what you can expect to spend on half day and full day excursions. There's also sightseeing tours. You could use this URL to visit the page directly: http://www.rhodos-air.gr/fasrhodosair/category/110/price_lists.

Sightseeing tours that last for one hour cost €260 on the Socata TB, and €1,510 on the Piper Chietain PA31. Two-hour tours are also available at €460 and €2,500 respectively. There are also scheduled flights from Rhodes to Santorini and back every Monday during the summer season. This round trip will cost you €324 per person.

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