How to Choose from the Best Rhodes Hotels

If you are looking for Rhodes hotels online, you have two choices: you can book for your accommodations with the hotel directly or you can look for travel or comparison websites that allow you to choose from a selection of accommodations in Rhodes.

The Pros and Cons of Booking with a Hotel Directly

If you book with a hotel directly, there is a good possibility that you can enjoy lower rates as well as the assurance that everything about your accommodation is based on your preferences. The downside, however, is when you are looking for cheap hotels or self-catering accommodations. Most of the time, their websites are written in Greek and with no option for translation to English text.

The more expensive hotels have English translations, however, and an example of this is the Rodos Palace at rodos-palace.gr. Amenities offered at the hotel include five beautifully designed outdoor pools as well as an indoor pool located inside a glass dome. There is also a children’s pool with a family area next to it and a fitness centre. Other outdoor activities include an 18-hole championship-level golf course, a horse-riding school and yachting.

The Pros and Cons of Dealing with Travel Comparison Websites

Websites like rhodes-hotels.us can help you make the best choice for accommodations. Accommodations offered are everything between 2 and 5-star Rhodes hotels available, with some of them without websites of their own or at least websites that offer English text. This website also provides helpful information about famous landmarks such as the Colossus, Kalithea Thermi and Ancient Kameiros.

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