Reykjavik with grandma

There can be nothing cosier than spending a frosty Reykjavik afternoon enjoying a bowl of homemade fish soup, made from the harbours morning haul, with an Icelandic granny!

Visiting a local lady in her harbourside home for a tasty lunch and a chat about Icelandic traditions is one of several interactive experiences with locals available through the operator Icelandic Retreats, icelandretreats.com.

And if grab-a-granny doesn’t float your boat, you can also arrange to have a few drinks with a local DJ to get the low down on the weekend’s best parties and the city’s legendary music scene, take tea with an elf expert – naturally!, or have a private view of an artist’s studio.

The company can set up almost any sort of meeting along the same lines, so if you’ve always fancied playing marbles with an Icelandic bin man, say, why not put them to the test? From around £25- £30 for 2-3 people.

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