Reykjavik Holidays atop Mt. Esja

Just a 15-minute drive from Reykjavik, Iceland is Mt. Esja, a mountainous mass popular among hikers on Reykjavik holidays. The 914-metre-high mountain is believed to have been formed in the early periods of the Ice Age, and covers such a large area that each side of the mountain is different from the other. Esja is visible from Reykjavik, and seems to constantly change colours, which, according to locals, match her moods.

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Several hiking options are available, and adventurers can choose the path that best suits their level and experience. Beginners can climb Mt. Esja through its easiest trails, which begin at the Esjuberg Farm and Forestry Service Centre at Mogilsa. Limestone quarrying was once practiced here.

Hiking Mt. Esja is relatively easy, and takes approximately 90 minutes. Magnificent views of the entire city wait at the summit. The mouth of Hvalfjörður fjord, Snæfellsjökull volcano and glacier, and the North Atlantic Sea are just some of the incredible sights to be seen from the mountaintop. At the peak is a guestbook for visitors to sign. Boulders are strewn along the way to the mountain top, with the sprawling metropolis of Reykjavik serving as the backdrop below.

Tourists can take the public bus system to get to Mt. Esja. Bus number 15 from Hlemmur bus station takes travellers to Haholt in Mosfellsbaer. From Haholt, tourists can take bus number 27, which travels to Esjumelar, at the foot of Mt. Esja.

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