Retro Shopping in Melbourne

You’re on the other side of the world, so you can dress up how you please because nobody will know you. In fact, if exploring your alternative identities is what you’re into, you need to get down to Melbourne. Sydney’s got the Bridge and the Opera house, but Melbourne has simply got the cool.

It’s so cool in fact, that no guide can keep up with how fast what’s hot and what’s not changes. But get yourself out to the famously fashionable seaside town of St. Kilda, with its permanent supply of quirky shops and alternative bars for a start. If you’re here to shop and don’t want to waste time on dud stores, look up Betty and Miss Shirley – two 50s obsessed sirens who run the Hidden Secrets Vintage Outing tour to introduce style-conscious tourists and out-of-the loop locals to the best boutiques. And even if you’re not there for the shopping, the girls will let you know where to go and where most definitely not to.

For the thirsty work of bar hopping, those of you with enough sense to have an iPhone simply grab the ‘Deck of Secrets’ app from deckofsecrets.com. For the rest of you peasants with your Nokias, Blackberries and pigeons….buy a Lonely Planet and follow the rest of the tourists. Check out the tour on hiddensecretstours.com.

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