Best beach resorts in and near Barcelona

It is no secret Barcelona is one of the best summer holiday destinations in Spain. If you want to visit this glorious, multi-cultural city and enjoy the culture and the beach, there are many different types of beach resorts near Barcelona available to you. Here is our pick of top beach resorts in and near Barcelona you should check out.

1. Typical Spanish beach resorts in Barcelona

If you are looking for a typical Spanish beach in Barcelona with calm waters and golden sand that is regularly cleaned and has all the necessary amenities, the Badalona resort is your kind of beach. The beach is frequented by locals looking to relax and enjoy the sun away from the bustle of the city without venturing too far afield.

The Calafell resort is another typical Spanish beach resort that is excellent for fun families' day out. This beautiful beach resort is located halfway between Barcelona and Tarragona and is a perfect choice, especially if you want to do more than just top up your tan. Kids can play in the clear clean waters and build sand castles while you enjoy the water, sun or people watching.

2. Picturesque beach resorts in/near Barcelona

If you are looking for spectacular scenery with beautiful coves, pine forests and crystal seas on your beach holiday in Barcelona, then you are in for a treat. The Cap Creus resort located on the most easterly point in Spain is one such place to visit. It is the last outlet of the Pyrenees, a chain of spectacular mountains between France and Spain.

At Cap Creus you will find stunning hidden bays, golden sandy beaches, turquoise sea and breathtaking rock formations to explore and enjoy. It is no wonder Cap de Crues is a firm favourite of both chilled bohemnians and Spanish celebrities.

Another picturesque beach resort worth checking out is the Platja de Castell resort located in the town of Palamós, about an hour and a half north of Barcelona. Platja de Castell is remarkably beautiful and serene, especially during the off peak season when there are fewer visitors.

Alternative beach resort in Barcelona

If, however, you are looking for beach resorts near Barcelona where you can let it all hang out while walking around the beach, then Mar Bella is the place for you. Mar Bella, located in the city centre of Barcelona, is one of two popular nudist beaches in the city. The other nudist beach resort is El Torn, which is the largest such resort in Spain. El Torn is located a little further afield and pulls an equally large crowd.

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