Requirements for travelling to Japan

Whether you are heading to Japan during the spring time to see spectacular cherry blossoms or during the beautiful fall months, the Land of the the Rising Sun will not disappoint. Before heading off though, make sure you have the correct documents to meet the requirements for travelling to Japan.

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For those of you who are just looking to sightsee, visit friends or do anything that does not include profit-making operations and paid activities, you automatically fall into the Temporary Visitor Visa category. Due to the visa exemption agreement between Japan and the UK, UK citizens will automatically be granted a 6 month entry into the country without needing to attain a visa. This visa will be granted upon entry into the country.

You will need to show your passport upon arrival, so make sure that yours is valid for at least 6 months and has at least 3 blank visa pages which allows enough space for arrival and departure stamps to be issued to you. Upon arrival, you will also be required to fill out a Disembarkation Card which will be given to you during the flight or upon arrival. You do not need to show any proof of funding, but will need to provide documents showing your return or onward ticket.

You will also need to provide an address at which you will stay during your trip so it is a good idea to pre-book hotels for the entirety of your trip. In the event that you want to extend your stay in Japan, head to the Regional Immigration Bureau before your original visa date expires. Do not take the chance and risk staying beyond your date as this can result in arrest, detention and/or a heavy fine.

If you will be travelling for a different purpose such for a long-term stay, work or study, you will need a different visa. Make sure to fill out the correct visa application for your required visa. These visas must be obtained ahead of time so you will have to visit the Japanese embassy in London which is open 9am - 6pm Monday to Friday.

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