A guide to repositioning cruises 2011

Overview of repositioning cruises 2011

If going on a cruise has been a lifelong dream, you may have been left brokenhearted, feeling the prices are a little out of your reach. However, opting for one of the many available repositioning cruises available in 2011 could make your dream come true.

What are they?

Hundreds of cruise ships set sail during the months of both spring and autumn. Because these are times of the year that are essentially out of the holiday season, many cruises struggle to fill all their places. Therefore, at relatively last minute, cruise companies will offer places at great discounts as a 2011 repositioning cruise.

What's on offer?

The vast majority of cruise lines will make cruises available for repositioning in 2011 at some point. More often than not, they tend to be trips that go between America and Europe and vice versa. In addition, bargain trips will always be available in the winter months that cruise the Caribbean.

The periods when you are most likely to find such a cruise will be either between the months of April-May or October-November. Naturally then, if you are planning on taking a repositioning cruise in 2011, October and November are the best months to plan for.

Where to look

Perhaps the best place to visit first will be Cruiseatlantic.com. Here you will always find a wide range of repositioning cruises available for 2011. Alternatively, you can check with the cruise lines themselves, such as those below.

Iglu.com - as a member of both ATOL and ABTA, Iglu.com can ensure that booking one of their trips will be a worry-free experience.

Adorecruises.rtrk.co.uk are one of the leaders in this business and always have some great deals on offer.

Cruisecompete.com- choose from bargains such as a thirteen night Caribbean cruise in November for around £1000 or a thirteen night cruise from Barcelona to Ft. Lauderdale for around £700.




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