Renting a Car in Rome During Your Vacation in Italy

The famous hospitality to be found throughout Italy's rural provinces is just as warm in the shoulder or off season. You can pick up your Rome car rental at the airport and immediately head out of town. Once you are in the countryside, take advantage of the numerous agritourism lodges and inns, many of which are located within working vineyards.

In Campagna, the annual fair of the wild boar, la Sagra del Cinghiale, is going on in Benevento through the end of October, but even after the festival is over you still will find incredible cuisine in the local trattorias.

If you want to head further south towards Naples or on to Positano or Amalfi, your Rome car rental is a good option if you want to visit archaeological sites such as Paestum and Pompei. In the off season, visiting the Amalfi coast with your Rome car rental is workable because your chances of arranging a parking space are better.

When you head back to Rome, don't return your Rome car rental until you take a day trip to the Tivoli Gardens and Hadrian's Villa. Funding from UNESCO for these World Heritage Sites helps pay for quality parking facilities, and while there is public transit available, your Rome car rental allows you to enjoy these sites at your own pace and your own timetable.

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