Top holiday rentals in the Algarve

Whether you're looking for a relaxed holiday away from it all, an adventure holiday, a family holiday, a party holiday with friends, a sporting holiday, or you just want to lie on a beach for a week or two, the Algarve offers everything you're looking for and more. There is so much to see and do. Here we look at villa rentals in the Algarve.

The Villa Pine Cliffs Superioris perfect for those seeking a nice relaxing holiday. It is located in the Pine Cliffs Resort, a short walk from the beach and shops. It's about a 40 minute drive from Faro airport and can sleep between two and eight people in its four bedrooms. This is a stunning villa, beautifully decorated and in a great location. You can visit the resort's health club and enjoy the sauna, Jacuzzi, swimming pool and gym - although you have your own pool at the villa. A week's holiday at peak times can cost up to £16,000 pounds, and during quieter periods will cost around £5,000 a week. It is one of the higher priced rentals in the Algarve.

The Villa Casa dos Cedros is located about 3 miles from Albufeira, 1.5 miles from the nearest beach and around a 40 minute drive from Faro airport. It sleeps between two and six people in its three bedrooms. Although it is located beside another property, you still get the privacy you would expect. The villa offers a private swimming pool, air conditioned bedrooms, two bathrooms, a DVD player, Playstation and lots more. It costs around £1,500 a week at busy times and around £500 a week at quieter times.

There are lots of options for villa rentals in the Algarve that could suit your needs and budget. You can expect to pay quite high prices over July and August but a visit to the Algarve is worth every penny. If you visit it's a good idea to rent a car and see all the area has to offer.

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