Rental villas in Spain for your summer hideaway

With beaches the envy of Europe, a rugged mountainous interior, and charming historic cities, Spain is the perfect location for all sorts of holidays. And with more and more budget airlines flying to different parts of Spain, now is to time to explore the overlooked regions of the country. Read on for some of the most idyllic and secluded rental villas in Spain.

The Fuente de Conde villa just a short distance from the Moorish cities of Granada and Cordoba is a charming, white washed property surrounded by vineyards and olive groves. The property benefits from the high temperatures and year-round sun that the region receives, and comes with a beautiful outdoor terrace. The villa sleeps up to 4 people and costs from £340 a week.

Extremadura is one of the most remote inland areas of Spain, and is noted for its dairy produce, cured hams and free spirited inhabitants. It is also perfect for a country hideaway, with peaceful valleys, lush forests and a dramatic hilly landscape. The Garganta la Olla is a rustic farmhouse nestled in a wooded valley, great for those wanting to get away from it all. The house comes with a swimming pool, kitchen and two bedrooms, though does not have electricity, guaranteeing candlelit evenings and afternoons relaxing by the nearby river. The price for this villa starts at £250 a week through Owners Direct, making this a great budget option.

For a more luxurious Extremadura option, the Casa de la Plaza de Moritos in Trujillo is a palatial mansion with a large courtyard garden, a huge swimming pool, and 4 bedrooms. The villa comes with all mod-cons and fantastic views over the surrounding valleys from the outdoor terrace. This property costs from £1850 a week through Owners Direct.

Owners Direct can fix you up with a rental villa in Spain in other parts of the country too, so whether you want to stay in a resort town, in the heart of a vibrant city like Madrid, or in the middle of nowhere, they will have the place for you.

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