Where to Rent Villas in France

The easiest way to rent villas in France is to visit websites that offer their services to find you villa rental properties. They have the experience and knowledge to find just the type of villa you are interested in and know how to put the deal together between you and the owner.

Determining what region and climate conditions you prefer is a great start to identify where you should be looking for villas in France. For example, the southern coast has warm winters and a Mediterranean type of climate. The western region has moderate rainfall and a mild climate. In comparison, the eastern region tends to have colder winters with warmer summers than the west.

Quality Villas

Consider Quality Villas, which rents out private villas and predominately handles the French Riviera and southern France. You will have several properties from which to choose and each villa is well maintained and thoroughly cleaned before your holiday visit. All villas for rent come with fully equipped kitchens and a private pool.

This property management company works from the United Kingdom and can be reached at +44 1442 870 055 or their website at qualityvillas.com.

South France Villas

You cannot go wrong renting a villa in the south of France. South France Villas specializes in property listings for the island of Corsica, Morocco, Marrakech and the Cote d'Azur areas of France. You are bound to find just the perfect beach front villa with an average of twenty villas to choose from.

Prices range from $1200 to about $7500 per week. Sleeping accommodations may range from as little as two people to eighteen in the larger villa properties.

Call South France Villas by phone at 0033-467-360-554 or visit their website at southfrancevillas.com.

Rent villas in France and bring the whole family for a wonderful holiday.

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