Rent a villa anywhere in the world cheap!

Two of the most popular holiday destinations to rent a villa have to be Italy and Spain. We did a little looking online and found a great villa on the Costa Del Sol and in Tuscany.

Casa Argento, Tuscany Coast Area: First of all let's take a look at the price. You can stay at this gorgeous villa for £725 total. This will get you and your familly one week and give you access to all that the villa has to offer, so what do they have to offer?

The villa is situated in the South of Tuscany just next to the Tyrrhenian sea, this means clear costal air, seaside town and an incredible beach. The surrounding area is stunning with The property is on a peaceful hill with marvellous views. It is surrounded by a private park of 2,500 sq.m with many wild olive trees, pine trees, orange trees and cypresses.

The villa is fully stocked with all modern conveniences from televisions to microwaves so there is nothing you will need to bring, just unpack and relax! Of course there is an amazing outdoor pool shared between the other villa owners so be sure to take full advantage. One last thing, you will require a £250 deposit which you will get back to secure the property, hit up the italianbreaks.com website and secure the perfect holiday villa.

Puebla Aida, Costa Del Sol: Next we're of to Spain. For a mear £680 you can get a week at the Puebla Aida. This is a much smaller Villa that sleeps around four adults but, only has one bedroom. It is smack dab in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea and the Sierra de Mijas mountains so you are never far from stunning vistas and incredible food and night life.

Again the villa is stocked with everything you need to have an amazing holiday on the Costa. We recommend this property for couples rather than families but check it out yourself on the rentinspain.co.uk website.

Rent a villa and have a great holiday this year!

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