Where to rent a treehouse in the UK

Everyone must have dreamt of staying or living at a treehouse at some point whether it’s to play or seek refuge. Today, the treehouse experience is fast catching on and is one of the unique ways to go on holidays. When you rent a treehouse in the UK, you’ll be sure to enjoy an out of this world experience while reliving your childhood memories.

Ideal places

An online search to find abodes where you can rent a treehouse in the UK will take you to several places:

  • Quality Unearth (qualityunearth.co.uk)

They offer unique types of accommodation from safari huts to eco-cabins. The Bensfield Treehouse in Sussex was featured in the supplement edition of ‘The Times’ naming it as one of the 50 coolest cottages in Britain. Walk on a rope bridge to get to the treehouse anchored on a mature oak tree where you will have an open space accommodation. It is tastefully designed and furnished for that authentic treehouse experience. In addition to a king size bed, ensuite bathroom, and furnished kitchen, you’ll have a terrace with a magnificent view of the Ashton Forest.

  • Kent Cottage Holidays (kent-cottage-holidays.co.uk)

Kent Cottage Holidays not only specialise in cabins and cottages. They also bring you unique and luxurious places to stay perched on a tree. The Tree house Hideaway is located between Whistable and Canterbury featuring a private hot tub, home cinema, furnished kitchen, barbecue facilities and even underfloor heating.

  • Canopy and Stars (canopyandstars.co.uk)

Canopy and Stars has a distinct collection of unique places to stay including fabulous treehouses. The Bagthorpe Treehouse near the Norfolk Coast is an extravagant abode that can accommodate 4 people. There is also the skyhigh Treehouse at Harptree Court, Bristol featuring luxurious facilities and spectacular views. It can host 2 people ideal for romantic or adventurous escapades.

Magical stay

Expect that unique sensation of being perched up so high and enjoy the magical moment when you rent a treehouse in the UK. There is nothing comparable to reliving something you loved doing or have not done in your youth. Only this time, there are real beds and Mum is not calling out to come home immediately for dinner is ready.

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