Reefs, rainforest and a new resort in Indonesia's far east

The Misool Eco Resort, MisoolEcoResort commute involves a leisurely 10-minute ride in a rowing boat, accompanied by schooling fish and occasional dolphins. The nearest place with any infrastructure is Sorong, a dreary and dilapidated industrial port in West Papua, four hours away by speedboat.

The area is known as Raja Ampat, or Four Kings, after its major islands – and is home to the greatest concentration of marine biodiversity on the planet, a fact scientists discovered only in the past decade.

And this is real Eco-Tourism; the wood – all 600 tonnes of it – used to build the year-old resort came from fallen trees. Biological waste is used to fertilise the gardens.

From the veranda of your cottage you can spot Stingray, octopus, reef shark, bumphead, parrotfish and barracuda.

And best of all the journey from the UK can be done in two days, too, with a stopover in Jakarta. And it is well worth the effort.

Seven nights in a one-bedroom cottage at Misool Eco Resort costs from £1,490 per person, including transfers, all meals and one night with dinner en route in Sorong.

Emirates flies to Jakarta from Gatwick from £471 return including taxes, Emirates Flights from Jakarta to Sorong cost about £100 with Express Air or Merpati, ExpressAir. Boat transfers to Misool and Kri leave Sorong in the early afternoon.

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