Red light district Amsterdam prices

The Red Light District is a popular tourist attraction to anyone visiting Amsterdam. Locally known as De Wallen, this district consists of over 300 red-lit windows with women standing behind them looking to grab the attention of those wandering past. If you have a bit of time in the area, here is a sample day trip to give you an idea of what is around and what it will cost you.

    Cainebogdan - Wikimedia

Start the day by heading to the Red Light Secrets Museum of Prostitution. While this may sound seedy it is actually very educational and makes a great way to learn about the history of this profession. For only €8, you begin with a short video on how the red district works and there is also a small museum offering new perspective for the next time you stroll through the district.

Rest your weary legs and grab lunch at the Green House Coffeeshop. This cafe has a lively atmosphere and is the place to be if you are into the green stuff. If you aren’t, it is still a great place to unwind as it has an air purifier that runs every 6 minutes. Located right on the canal, you can easily relax here with a €2.50 tea or a €10 fish and chips lunch.

Once you are satisfied, explore more of the area by jumping in on one of the free walking tours. Every day at the National Monument at 11.15am and 1:15pm there is a tour guide who takes visitors on a 3 hour walk. The tour goes through the Red Light District, the Anne Frank House and much more with lots of information on the sights.

In the evening, grab dinner at the famous restaurant, Van Kerkwijk. While it may not look amazing on the outside, once you open the doors the cozy atmosphere will suck you right in. Because the menu is always changing, the server will explain the menu of the day. It is a very small restaurant so make sure you get there well before the rush. Mains here start around €15 and are served from 11am until late. Around 11pm head to the Red Light District as this is the time when things kick into gear and come alive.

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