Are you looking for a Red Funnel promo code 2011?

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Are you looking for a Red Funnel promo code 2011? Here are some codes and some other essential information.

Red Funnel is a ferry company that carries passengers and vehicles on routes between the mainland of England and the Isle of Wight. It is well known as the cheapest ferry operating this route.

At the moment there is only one valid promotional code for travel with Red Funnel. This code is M2JFF and it is valid until July 22nd 2011. Using this code will guarantee you 15% off any travel with Red Funnel. Check online for new codes after this date. If you wish to redeem this promotional code all you have to do is enter the code in to the promotional code box online, on their website.

While there are no other promotional codes available at the moment, Red Funnel have many other offers on their website to guarantee you the cheapest travel available. For the summer of 2011 you can get up to 50% off your travel when you book your accommodation with Red Funnel. This is a fantastic deal if you do plan on staying overnight on the island. Other current offers include 10% off day return travel and 20% off your travel if you are staying on the Isle of Wight for two or more days. For more information on any of these offers check out their website.

So, there’s all you need to know about Red Funnel promo codes. Make sure you check out their website to get the cheapest ferry for you today!

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