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Red funnel ferries operate over 13,800 vehicle ferry sailings and 23,000 Red Jet passenger sailings each year. They carry over 3½ million people each yea. With Red funnel Ferry trips between Southampton and Cowes in the Isle of Wight are cheap with or without a vehicle.

As well as ferry travel, they can arrange your holiday accommodation book activity packages. They also offer tickets to events and attractions with or without ferry travel.

Red funnel ferries prices for a foot passenger Day Return ticket are available from £7.80 per person when at least two people purchase. Special Off Peak Day Return tickets and travel together from 11:15am. Valid seven days a week, tickets are only available to purchase on the day of departure from Red Funnel ticket offices.

Visit the Isle of Wight with your car from as little as £35 for a day return trip from Southampton. You can also take a car over to the Isle of Wight to enjoy a short-break of up to 4 nights with return trip from £45.

Red Funnel is the original ferry operator to the Isle of Wight and has a long, distinguished history spanning almost 150 years. Today Red Funnel is a modern, integrated transport, travel and leisure company specializing in Isle of Wight ferry travel, Isle of Wight holidays and freight to and from the Isle of Wight.

You can make things easy and book from a host of hotels & bed and breakfasts in the Isle of Wight in advance at red funnels site.

Check Redfunnel.co.uk for all the details and more red funnel ferries prices.

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