Are you looking for information about Red Funnel ferries?

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Are you looking for information about Red Funnel ferries? Here is everything that you need to know.

Red Funnel is one of the two major ferry crossing operators between the United Kingdom mainland and the Isle of Wight. Red Funnel is the only ferry operator to travel from Southampton to the Isle of Wight and all of their crossings depart from Southampton. If your are looking for a different point of departure you will have to use wightlink. You can check out their website on wightlink.co.uk.

Red Funnel operate two different routes:

Southampton to East Cowes, Isle of Wight

Southampton to West Cowes, Isle of Wight

The East Cowes route is intended for vehicle passengers and the West Cowes route is intended for foot passengers. While the vehicle passengers use a standard vehicle ferry the foot passengers avail of a Red Jet Hi-Speed foot passenger service. A floating bridge (passengers non-freight vehicles) connects East and West Cowes, avoiding an approximate 30-40 minute journey by road.

Using the foot passenger service would be ideal if you want to explore the island by foot or by bike or if you are attending one of the major Isle of Wight festivals, including Bestival, which are located a mere 20 minute walk from West Cowes. While ferry prices can usually be quite expensive, Red Funnel prices are extremely reasonable and you are guaranteed to save 20% on standard prices if you book online. Even if yo haven’t yet booked on the day of travel you should book online.

So there is everything that you need to know about Red Funnel ferries.

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