Recharge your batteries after the Christmas festivities with a winter break in Tenerife.

Travelsupermarket.com ranks Tenerife at number one on its list of top ten winter break destinations and it’s easy to see why. The combination of spectacular scenery, winter sun and luxury hotels at prices that don’t break the bank make it the perfect choice. And as the travel-savvy know, Tenerife is duty-free and there are some great boutiques selling bargain-priced designer clothing and shops selling cut price electronic goods.

Sovereign (0844 415 1984, www.sovereign.com) offers a good choice of hotels on the island, reports the Daily Mail. For example at El Mirador (pictured), a five-star hotel on the Playa del Duque near Adeje, a four-night winter break costs around £500 per person, including EasyJet flights from Gatwick and accommodation with breakfast. The Playa de las Americas is touristy but in winter it’s delightfully low-key, with more mature visitors rather than youngsters aiming to go wild.

So be prepared to ‘sedately’ enjoy the 20ºC temperatures and eating and drinking alfresco. With a pint of duty-free beer for 85p and an excellent lunch for two for under £40, you’ll be able to relax in style. Or rent a car for just £40 a day and explore the island. Visiting Spain’s highest mountain, Mount Teide and the National Park is a must, and there are some spectacular trekking routes through volcanic landscape. It’s the perfect destination for a short break.

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