Recession Busting Holidays in a Snow Hole!

By February you’ll have played with all your Christmas toys, managed to ‘lose’ the reindeer jumper and have received your Christmas credit card bill.

With only Valentine’s Day to keep you miserable and feel even lonelier than usual during the short days and long nights it might be just the thing to disappear down a Snow Hole a la Alice in (Ice) Wonderland.

Ice hotels are so last decade; this year the winter accommodation of choice is the snow hole, thanks to a new trip offered by the Torridon Hotel in the Scottish Highlands.

The downside is that you have to dig it yourself before spending the night there – but what do you want, a few native Highlanders in Kilts doing the grafting for your soft Imperialist hands?

Once you’ve been shown how to do it, you can always go back yourself and do it any time you want – for free - and if Europe doesn’t pull out of the recession this year, this could be the best accommodation option you have for the coming year.

Heading out from the hotel in the company of mountain guide Chris Wilson, you will be shown how to tunnel into a slope, digging out a corridor and a room with sleeping platforms.

The experience costs £325 half-board, including a night either side at the hotel, you can book on 0800 089 3929; or check www. prideofbritainhotels.com.

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