Reasonably cheap villa stay in Anaheim, California

Do you need a break away from it all, at a cost to please you? A cheap villa in Anaheim could be the ticket for you.

Anaheim is situated 30 miles south of downtown Los Angeles and less than 100 miles north of San Diego. Its central location makes it an excellent place to select as a base for a Southern California vacation. Well-organized tours are available from Anaheim to top attractions in every direction. It has a vibrant tourist centre with fine dining, shopping, festivals, myriad attractions and is an ideal resort for spoiling the kids, which we all like to do. Of course, at the heart of it all is Disneyland. For adults, there's Downtown Disney, a dizzying array of shops, restaurants and nightclubs.

A cheap villa in Anaheim are easy to find with so many websites advertising fantastic offers.

One such site we found very helpful was ownerdirect.com with a simple to use website and amazing offers. We found a luxury 1 bedroom villa available for rent with rates at $221 for 3 nights and includes high-speed wireless Internet access, central heating, home office and has a 24 hour security door man. The villa is only a heart beat away from some of the most incredible restaurants, bars, clubs, and shopping that Anaheim has to offer. Come experience Disney in true style, whether it be for a family vacation or a business trip.

Why not avail of some of these great offers today? You could be experiencing that Disney life quicker than you think.




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