A guide to Ramada hotels

Ramada hotels

Ramada run hotels all over the world, including exotic destinations like Brazil and Egypt. They have 878 branches in total however the majority of these are in the USA, UK, Canada and Germany.

They operate several different types of hotel, for example 'Ramada Resorts', which are packed with leisure features including pools, spas, fitness centres and playgrounds. Or as another example, they run 'Ramada Hotel and Suites', which are only found in major cities and offer luxury suites and restaurants as well as meeting and banquet facilities. However while the exact facilities and prices vary between the different types, all of Ramada's hotels are fairly upmarket and expensive, with many of their hotels being four star rated by the AA, and prices ranging from around £65 to £250 for a single nights stay in a Ramada hotel in the UK.

However it is possible to cut the price a little by taking advantage of special offers. For example, Ramada are currently offering a 15% discount if you book at least 14 days in advance. They also have package and group discounts and you can keep up with their latest offers by signing up to their email newsletter.

Ramada hotels tend to be well reviewed by visitors worldwide, and are a great choice for both business and leisure. For a full list of their locations and to make a booking visit ramada.com, you can also view all of their current special offers and sign up to their mailing list from their website.

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