Railway tickets around the UK

Railway tickets

Holidaying by rail is now one of the preferred ways for UK residents to spend a vacation, especially because railway tickets are cheap! It has become hugely popular over the last few years and now everyone seems to be taking advantage.

You can enjoy some amazing city breaks or even go on a countryside tour by rail, it's no wonder people can't get enough of rail holidays. Head over to the greatrail.com website and let's see what's on offer.

One of the coolest railway trips that we found is the Manchester Christmas Markets trip. Here you will start your trip in Manchester and visit lots of amazing locations. Your hotel is just minutes from the Manchester Markets so you will spend a day enjoying everything that the Manchester Markets have to offer.

For only £245 you can enjoy 4 nights' hotel accommodation at the Park Inn Manchester (breakfast included), an excursion on the East Lancashire Railway, visit to Tatton Park and of course a vist to Manchester Christmas Markets. This is an amazing way to spend your Christmas holidays so check out the great deals on the Great Rail website.

Another great website for rail holidays in the UK has to be the railtrail.co.uk website. We found great deal on a railway tour of The Lake District. For only £600 you can get a 7 day tour of The Lake District visiting all the favourite spots and staying in some beautiful hotels along the way.

Buying railway tickets for cheap can be difficult, but taking a railway tour makes the price drop dramatically! Check out the mentioned websites and see if a railway tour could be on the cards for this years holiday.

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