Best online deals for rail tickets in the UK

Rail tickets in the UK

Rail travel in the UK is steeped in romantic history, from its inception in the early 1800s to the proliferation of rail travel the British public has embraced train travel so much that it has become an intrinsic part of how we all live.

The price of train travel has increased since privatisation in the 1990s, with British Rail broken into smaller parts. Ownership of the tracks and rail infrastructure passed to Railtrack on 1 April 1994.

After that individual routes throughout the UK were franchised out to private companies like Virgin Rail, Arriva and the London Underground system. This meant that fares became disjointed and different in each region.

The advent of the internet meant that customers could search through all the rail operators, finding the best deal for rail tickets in the UK. For the first time since the privatisation of the rail services you could quickly get the price on every train link without having to contact different operators.

TheTrainLine.com is one of the sites that allows you to search for fares quickly and across all of the rail operators. It also allows you to search for combined rail and hotel deals for weekends away.

RailEasy.co.uk is another website that provides the price comparison service. They are experts in finding the best price giving flexible travelers savings of up to 66% on some fares. They are able to offer such good prices because of the use of group save tickets.

Finally Nationalrail.co.uk is the official website of the national infrastructure, this official outlet offers get prices for combined hotel and rail deals as well as being an official partner for the London Olympics in 2012. This website is also the best resource for purchasing tickets to Mainland Europe via the Euro Tunnel.

Remember to get the best prices travel at off-peak times and the more flexible you can be with price the better.

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