Check out these great rail holidays in scotland

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Are you planning on touring Scotland for your holidays? If so we would advise you to look into the magnificent rail holidays in Scotland, which are being offered by many tour operators. A tour of Scotland by rail brings to life the beautiful landscape and is truly a great way to explore the highlands of Scotland.

Rail Tour Holidays which can be found at www.railtourholidays.co.uk offer a great rail holiday at very affordable prices. Your tour will start off at Inverness on day one and it lasts for 6 days where you will take in the beautiful scenery along the River Ness and visit the beautiful Urquhart Castle. Prices start from £425 per person which includes all your meals. To book this Rail holiday use the above web address or you can call 0845 003 2218 and talk to one of their consultants.

Mckinlay Kidd are very passionate about Scotland and also offer great Rail Holidays. They offer a West Highland Experience for £269 per person. This special holiday offers a great day trip in first class which runs from Fort William to Mallaig. The route you go on guarantees you to meet glorious scenery and stunning views everywhere you look. You can check out this holiday on www.seescotlanddifferently.co.uk or you can call them on 0844 804 0020, where you can check out available dates.

We hope you have found this blog useful and hope to see you touring Scotland by rail in the very near future.


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