Rail Easy Train Tickets


Visit Rail Easy's website to find Rail Easy tickets for train travel.

Use the matrix hosted by the website's home page to enter your travel details. This includes whether you need a single or return ticket, the number of passengers, your railway stations, times and whether you want standard or first class tickets.

Railcard holders should also indicate that they have a railcard using the drop down menu, selecting their specific railcard from the list provided.

Booking in Advance

As with any railway ticket booking website, users can make considerable savings if they book their Rail Easy tickets as far in advance as possible.

Please note that train travel tickets are only available 12 weeks prior to your travel, so you cannot book tickets before this time.

As of September 2011, booking a single journey from London Kings Cross to Edinburgh train station for one adult 12 weeks in advance costs £36.50.

Booking the same journey just one day before you are due to travel using Raileasy.co.uk, however, costs £80.00.

Flexible Travellers

You will be rewarded for your flexibility when booking train tickets on Rail Easy.

Travelling very early in the morning, very late at night and during other less popular times of day can also help you enjoy a significant reduction on your train fare.

Extra Charges

Rail travellers considering booking their rail tickets through the Rail Easy website should be aware that they apply additional charges over and above similar websites.

Rail Easy levies a £1 booking charge on all purchases made through their website, which means that, if you use Rail Easy to buy your railway tickets, it will be £1 more expensive than a rival website.


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