Ryanair has just announced a host of new destinations with flights starting around the end of October and some as of March 2012.

If you’re an experienced low cost flier and feel you’ve been just about everywhere, Ryanair (www.ryanair.com) has come up with a host of new European destinations from UK airports.

If you’re within easy striking distance of London Stansted, or use it for connecting flights, Ryanair are beginning flights to Malmo in Sweden and Leipzig in Germany from Stansted on the 2nd of November and you can now book. On the same day, they are starting flights to Lithuania’s second largest city, Kaunas and Latvian capital, Riga from Leeds Bradford airport.

And if you prefer a warmer destination, you can fly from Manchester to the small historic town of Beziers in the south of France from the 26th of March 2012. A flight on that day costs just £44.99 including taxes and you can return on the 6th of April for the same price. There’s quite a list of new flights from Manchester, including those to hot spots Murcia, Valencia and Biarritz.

As of the 3rd of October, you can fly from Bristol to Venice Treviso with a flight on that day coming in at £20.99 and a return on the 10th for £44.99. Flights from Bristol are also starting to Bratislava and Katowice this autumn. So if you’re wondering where to go next, jet off to Valencia, Biarritz or Riga from your regional airport on one of Ryanair’s new routes!

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