Quitting your job for a travel adventure

Are you dreaming of a travel adventure? There's probably more than one factor holding you back, but your job is often one of the biggest. In today's economic climate, is it just too risky to quit your job to go travelling? Is it a decision that you will regret, or a decision that you will regret not making?

How happy are you in your current job?

If you aren't happy in your current job, you shouldn't stay there. A travel adventure can be the motivation you need to quit - otherwise you might end up wasting your time in a dead end job.

What financial commitments do you have?

Having said that, if you have four kids and a mortgage, it's probably not a good idea to quit your job and head off on a year long travel adventure. Consider financial commitments that you might not be able to get out of if you where to head off on a travel adventure: a year long lease, a car loan, credit card repayments etc. If, on the other hand, you are burden free or can afford to pay off all your credit and debts, then why not?

What savings do you have?

Of course, you will need a substantial amount saved - and not just money for travelling. You will need a safety net for when you return home in case you can't find a new job right away. Aim for at least three to six months worth of expenses.

How much do you want to travel?

If you just want to travel because your friends are doing it, it's probably not worth quitting your job over. If, on the other hand, travel means a lot to you, you'll probably regret not doing it.

Should you do it?

A wise person once said: "The risk of leaving your comfort zone is so much less than the risk of staying in it your whole life." However, take this with a pinch of salt: don't be reckless about the decision to head off on a travel adventure. Take some time to think it carefully and discuss it with someone you trust.

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