Quirky hotels in Tokyo

Tokyo is famous for a lot of things: being one of the largest cities on the planet, its neon lights, speedy trains and a thriving art and culture scene. If you're looking somewhere a little different to your usual international hotel, look no further than these quirky hotels in Tokyo...

Hotel Siesta

Capsule hotels are unique to Japan, and although they're definitely not for claustrophobics, they are a fun experience that you'll remember long after the 10am check out time. The Hotel Siesta, a short walk from Ebisu Station, is a good choice for foreigners. The capsules have just enough room to sit up in, and for a TV and alarm clock. The shared bathrooms are clean and well maintained. It's men only here, but women are welcomed in the adjoining budget hotel. From £15.


Claska is among the quirkiest of boutique hotels in Japan and although the location isn't great (about 15 minutes walk from Meguro Station), it's often booked out months in advance. Japanese artists were unleashed on a number of "DIY" rooms and the result varies from cute (teddy bears) to surreal (scars). Popular with arty types, Claska manages to be chic without being pretentious.

P&A Plaza

Japanese love hotels are an interesting concept. They're designed especially for couples who want to spend, ahem, "quality time" together and can be rented by the hour as well as for longer stays. You'll find lots of quirky love hotels in Tokyo. The P&A Plaza is fun without being seedy and features themed rooms including Morocco and Britain.

Casa Nova

Casa Nova is another love hotel. It's loud, colourful and hard to miss. The rooms are a lot of fun and you'll find amenities like cosplay costume rentals, Playstations and huge TVs.

Andon Ryokan

This sleek guesthouse features tiny tatami rooms and shared bathrooms, but it's a really eclectic mix of traditional Japanese and modern conveniences - something that's relatively uncommon among most gaudy quirky hotels in Tokyo.

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