Quirky Holidays – Is it a cabin, a shed or a train carriage?

Somewhere off the A30 near Launceston, you’ll find the farmhouse you’re looking for and the track with a little parking area. As you unload, whistling gently to yourself, no one comes rushing up to greet you, ply you with inane questions about your journey or chatter on about facilities that you’ll find for yourself anyway.

Left to your own devices to find the wheelbarrow provided for ferrying luggage, a sense of tranquility is already descending when you wheel your bag and food supplies along a gravel pathway, rounding a tall hedge, enjoying the build-up.

Welcome to Pip & Pip’s Cabin, Cornwall, and a step back in time as you snuggle up by the wood burner in this 1930s steam roller wagon.

A key hangs in the cabin door, there's a sofa, a wood burner on a wide brick hearth, a window seat and a dining table for two, with fresh flowers and auction-find chairs. An unfitted kitchen is at the far end, in which bits of oak and marble washstand counters find new life as worktops and old cupboard doors create an under-sink unit.

There's a gas cooker, fridge and kettle- but maybe you’re just here to drink, so uncork the Chardonnay, pop up the ‘Do not Disturb’ sign and bingo; goodbye cruel world.

For more details see the quirky-holidays-cornwall website.

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