Quiet holidays in Greece

Greece really has it all and the variety that the country can offer means that it is the perfect destination to uncover a quiet destination for a peaceful vacation. Let's do a spot of island hopping now and see where the quietest locations are.

    Christos Vittoratos - Wikimedia

The island of Skiathos makes for a lovely place to escape to for a quiet holiday. You can engage in beautiful activities such as horseback riding, watching local fishermen pull in a catch, sipping cocktails at a harbour or taking a dip in crystal clear Greek waters by the beach.

Alonnisos is a tiny little village located on an island of the same name. It makes the perfect spot for a quiet holiday tucked away amongst the locals. The island is there waiting to be explored whenever you are ready and you can rent a scooter and make your way through fertile agricultural land, sprawling forest and take in beautiful local cottages as you go.

Gavdos is the most southerly island in Greece and is a short trip from Crete. There are only a handful of local residents here and the island's petit size makes for a lovely day trip to go walkabout. As with all the Greek isles, there are top notch beaches to explore and inland you can inhale all the wonderful aromas thrown out by the myriad wildflowers growing in the hills.

Finally, the island of Rhodes is seeped in mythology and a small town called Haraki makes for an ideal base to enjoy a quiet break. It features a lovely little promenade on the sea as well as cute seafront houses. You may not find a quieter town in all of Greece. You will be spoiled for choice for dining options and there are many bars with a lovely quaint local feel too.

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