Quiet beaches in Spain and Montenegro.

With spring just around the corner and the days getting longer, you’re probably thinking ahead to that much desired summer holiday. If you feel like a little R&R on a quiet beach somewhere but don’t fancy fighting for a spec on the ‘costas’, we’ve searched the web and come up with the following quiet beach destinations from a BBC Travel list.

Firstly, it is possible to find a quieter, less developed south coast Spanish beach than at Fuengirola. Somewhere you can enjoy a croissant, fresh fruit and strong coffee for breakfast rather than bangers and beans. Some of Spain’s most beautiful and least crowded beaches lie between the grand cliffs and capes east of Almería, on the Cabo de Gata, at the most eastern point of the south coast. Designated Andalusia’s first land/marine park, with cobalt waters and dark volcanic hills, the Cabo de Gata still has a wild, natural feel and it is dotted with picturesque fishing villages. Walk along the cape’s coast from Retamar in the northwest to Agua Amarga in the northeast. Easy Jet flies to Almeria from London Gatwick and Ryanair from London Stansted.

If you want a change from Spain, and somewhere more secluded, try the string of clean beaches on the southern coastline of Montenegro’s Luštica Peninsula. Dobreč is said to have some of the cleanest waters in Montenegro and is only accessible by sea, so take a kayak tour from Rose. Or take a boat-tour to the Plava Špilja with the Blue Grotto, where boats take you into the 9m-high cave for an amazing swim. If you head south to the base of the peninsula, just south of the main town Radovići, you’ll find what is arguably Montenegro’s best beach at Pržno, which is surrounded by idyllic pines and olive trees.

There are two airports in Montenegro, Podgorica and Tivat but the best way to get to Montenegro is via neighbouring Croatia. Fly to Dubrovnik and rent a car. Thomson Airways ( www.thomson.co.uk/flights) offers flights direct to Dubrovnik from London Gatwick, Manchester and Birmingham throughout the summer, and Easy Jet flies to Dubrovnik from London.

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