Quick Park at Dublin Airport is a great option for travellers.

Quick park at Dublin Airport

If you live out of town and struggling to Dublin airport with your luggage just adds to the stress of flying, never fear: with plenty of affordable parking available it’s totally feasible to drive there and park up your own vehicle so you can save your energy for the flight. That way you don’t have to worry if the bus or taxi is going to show up.

Cheap long term parking  is available with Quick Park at Dublin airport (quickpark.ie). Book online to save money and to know you have a guaranteed parking space you can drive straight in to. The Quick Park facility has space for 3.750 cars so you won’t be left high and dry. And if a friend suddenly offers to drive you, you can cancel your booking up to 72 hours prior to travel.

If you pre-book online, the price per day is just €7 as opposed to the normal rate of €8.50. This charge includes 21.5% VAT so there are no extras to pay. Quick Park at Dublin airport competes with the Dublin Airport Authority for long term parking and claims to be cheaper than the DAA.

Quick Park provides a free shuttle bus service which takes passengers from the car park to the airport terminal. Drop off point is very near arrivals where you can take an escalator or a lift up 1 level to departures.  The service runs every five minutes, 24 hours a day, seven days a week and the journey time is around five minutes.

Quick Park’s website is easy to use with three simple steps: select your dates then your space, pay, then receive a PIN code to key in when you arrive at the car park. It’s as simple as that. Have a good flight!

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