Fantastic puerto del carmen holidays

Puerto del Carmen holidays on the island of Lanzarote are well worth experiencing, with year round sunshine and lots to see and do .

Puerto del Carmen lies on the east coast of Lanzarote and has a very long and wide beach and comfortable hotel and apartment facilities.

The resort of Puerto del Carmen is very easily accessible from the airport just outside the capital Arrecife with a frequent bus service.

There is much to do and see on Puerto del Carmen holidays. One should not miss a visit to Parque Nacional de Timanfaya. Just before the entrance to the park one can take a camel ride.

Inside the park a bus brings one around Fire Mountain with its spectacular rocky formations, waste land and weird sculptures of petrified lava which stretch for miles on end giving the impression of the moon's surface.

While on holiday in Puerto del Carmen one can also take a boat trip to coves that are inaccessible by road and there is also a trip in a glass-bottomed boat from the resort.  Scuba diving and snorkelling is also on offer.

The night life revolves around the old town of Puerto del Carmen with its wealth of good restaurants offering a vast choice of menus to suit every taste whether it be seafood, meat, Mexican or Chinese dishes. El Tomate is especially recommended as a top class restaurant.

After a fine meal one can visit a pub offering live music or go to a nightclub.

Puerto del Carmen holiday also offers one the chance to avail of duty free shopping for alcohol and cigarettes.

So dont delay go on holiday to Puerto del Carmen and experience this exotic island for yourself.


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