Public holidays in Scotland this year 2011.

Having a list of all the public holidays in the year, on hand, is always a good idea - to work your days off and holidays around, or even to make sure the kids are looked after or entertained while off school. So keep this one of the public holidays in Scotland on your computer or laptop so you can look them up last minute if need be.

The easiest way to list them is to begin at the start of the year, even though by this stage we have already enjoyed over half of them so far.

The first, most obvious, is New Years Day in January, this year the holiday was on the 3rd due to the actual day falling on the weekend. Same goes for the 2nd of January, which also fell on the weekend, so it followed the late New Years day holiday, on the 4th. This year was also the creation of a new, one-off public holiday, due to the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton on the 29th April 2011.

The next date then this year was the early May Bank holiday, falling on May 2nd with the late bank holiday (also known as the Spring Bank Holiday) on 30th May. Then, following later in the Summer was the August Summer Bank Holiday on the 1st.

Finally into the end of the year, and the public holidays we still have left, the next one being 30th November for St. Andrew's Day. And lastly the remaining two at the very end of 2011, obviously being Christmas Day & Boxing Day on the 25th and 26th December.

So keep this safe and be forever prepared for the remaining bank holidays and you could be lucky enough to squeeze in a last few days days working around the public holidays.

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